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本文摘要:At its Special Event in San Francisco on Monday, Apple offered more detail—including prices and shipping dates—for its highly anticipated Watch. After the keynote, it made the wearable devices available for attendees to evaluate.周一在旧金山的尤其发布会上,千呼万唤的苹果手表再一携同各种细节(还包括定价和销售日)与广大果粉见面了。

At its Special Event in San Francisco on Monday, Apple offered more detail—including prices and shipping dates—for its highly anticipated Watch. After the keynote, it made the wearable devices available for attendees to evaluate.周一在旧金山的尤其发布会上,千呼万唤的苹果手表再一携同各种细节(还包括定价和销售日)与广大果粉见面了。在官方演说完结后,苹果公司向参会者获取了第一时间上手体验的机会。Never one to shy away from tinkering with shiny—and boy, were the display models shiny—new gadgets, I stayed well past my welcome to thoroughly get a feel for Apple’s Watch.在这种需要首度体验高科技产品的场合,我向来都是“勇猛精进”,此次也借机完全地体验了一番苹果手表的感观。

The company will release three different models of the Watch—affordable Sport, mid-tier Watch, and ultra-luxe Edition—the difference among them strictly the material used for the casing.苹果公司将获取三个版本的苹果手表,首先是价格最亲民的运动版Sport,其次是中端的Watch,再度是奢侈版的Watch Edition。但实质上三个版本的区别意味着是表壳的材料有所不同。When I picked them up, there was a slight, yet noticeable difference in their weight, due to the different materials. The Edition, which is available in 18-karat gold, is the heaviest, or so it felt. (Though it may have been the price tag weighing down my arm.) A quick check of the specifications-sheet confirmed my suspicions—the 42mm Edition weighs in at 69 grams, more than double that of the 30-gram Sport model. (For those interested, the stainless-steel Watch weights in at 50 grams.) The weight differences are not significant enough to push you to another Watch model, but they do exist.玩这三个版本时,我找到它们的重量略有不同,虽然差异很严重,但还是需要注意到,这主要是由于这三个版本使用了有所不同的材料。



When Apple first debuted its Watch in September, the demo area it provided was full of watches we couldn’t use. Each one ran a looping demo that showcased basic features. Those of us in attendance were left with more questions than answers.去年9月苹果手表首次亮相时,我们对展示区里的手表还不能看,无法碰,每只手表上都循环播出着它的功能展示片。参与过那次发布会的人,对苹果手表的问题难道要多过答案。

This time, the operating system on Apple Watch was fully functional, and I made sure to use all of it when I got my paws on them. It was highly responsive, and looked fantastic on the screen. Animations lacked any stuttering or lag, something I saw on the demo units in September. Siri, the voice-prompted virtual assistant, was quick to come up, though the mic had a hard time picking up commands in my noisy environment. Zooming in and out of the Photos library was fun (and rather hypnotic).这一次,苹果手表上的操作系统对参会者全面放松,初学者后我很快地把完全所有功能都中举了一遍。这款手表的号召性十分好,而且屏幕效果极好,动画效果没任何延缓和卡顿——而这在去年九月的展出环节中还没完全避免。苹果的语音助手Siri的响应速度也迅速,不过由于现场环境较为喧闹,话筒不过于更容易领会我的语音指令。

在图片库里一张张地看照片的感觉很有意思(而且也非常清醒)。In September, I felt confused by the user interface of the Watch. The collection of round app icons looked small—far too small for what I had come to expect from design-centric Apple. Small screen, small circles, big fingers? It didn’t feel like the usual thinking from Cupertino.去年九月苹果手表刚刚问世的时候,它的用户界面一度让我深感疑惑。

一大堆圆圆的APP图标挤迫在一块儿,每个看上去都十分小——小到看上去不看起来“设计为王”的苹果作品。当小屏幕和小圆圈碰上大手指,那是一种怎样的纠葛?看上去不像苹果一惯的作风。But the Apple Watch relies heavily on its so-called digital crown as a way to take pressure off the finger as a primary method of input. Now that I’ve been able to actually use it—to zoom in on a section of app icons, for example, consequently enlarging them—the experience suddenly became very Apple-like. The crown was easy to turn, with a little resistance, but not too much.不过苹果手表只不过高度倚赖它所谓的“数字表冠”旋钮(digital crown),以此减低手指作为主要输出方式的压力。现在我早已不会用它了,比如用来缩放APP的图标,然后你就忽然有了十分“苹果范儿”的感觉。

虽然首度上手有点不适应环境,但熟悉起来只不过也很非常简单。Force Touch, Apple’s new method of pressing harder on the screen to activate what equates to a right-click of sorts, will take some getting used to. Figuring out when to use it, and for what, wasn’t always clear to me. When I pressed hard on the watch face, I activated the customization menu—neat, but there’s nothing to on the device to indicate (other than tutorials provided by Apple) that there is extra functionality hidden under your fingertip.苹果手表的另一项新功能叫作“Force Touch”,必须你的手指产生一点力度松开在屏幕上,效果相等于在电脑上页面鼠标右键,这个功能则必须用户花上一点时间来适应环境。

我也常常搞不清楚什么时候该用于这个功能,以及这个功能到底能做到什么。我用力按了一下仪表盘,结果转录了自定义菜单——虽然很精妙,但是这款设备上没任何一处似乎你,手指用力一按还能转录它的隐蔽功能(除了苹果获取的使用指南)。I also struggled with the idea that pushing in on the Digital Crown acts as a back button. There’s a near-flush button positioned just adjacent to the Digital Crown, but it offers little in the form of functionality, as far as I could tell, outside of the home screen or watch face on the Watch. (A single- or double-press triggers Apple Pay or displays your favorite contacts for Apple’s cute Watch messaging app. Which, by the way, looks like a gimmick on stage but in practice comes across as a practical means of quickly communicating.) My fingertip seemed to want “back” to come in a more conventional form.另外一个令其我挠头的理念,则是把“数字表冠”旋钮当作前进键用于,我的手指还是想要通过更加传统的方式构建“前进”功能。


)The Watch comes with 8 gigabytes of storage, Apple representatives told me. I took a sneak peak in the Settings section of the Watch and discovered that, after accounting for space requirements of the operating system, you’re left with 5.9 gigabytes of space. This leftover space is where you can store your music, photos, and Watch apps. It’s not a lot, but then again, how much music do you really need to have on your wrist? It’s more than enough for a playlist or two to power you through a workout, though persnickety long-distance runners may object.苹果公司的代表告诉他我,苹果手表自带8G内存。我忙里偷闲地看了一眼设备的设置,找到除去操作系统闲置的空间以外,你只只剩了5.9G的内存空间可以用来储存音乐、照片和应用于。虽然听得一起不多,但话说回来,作为一款手表,你想往里面遗多少音乐呢?这么大的空间需要储存的音乐充足你健美的时候听得了,不过有些长跑爱好者估算还是实在稍嫌严重不足。

A bit of good news for those who follow Apple rumors: Any Watch band can be used with any Watch. (So long as it’s built for the size of watch you own: A 42mm band won’t fit on a 38mm Watch, and vice-versa.) Before the event, rumors swirled that select bands would only be available for select models—a sort of economic segregation. That’s not actually the case.对果粉来说,另一个好消息是:任何一个版本的苹果手表都可以配上给定一款你心仪的表链。(只要表链/表带合乎你所出售版本的尺寸——42mm的表链不合适38mm的手表,反之亦然。)在发布会前,有传言称之为高档表链只不会经常出现在高档版本中——听得一起或许给果粉也区分了阶级,好在这种众说纷纭并不是知道。

So how do I feel about Apple’s next great gadget? My somewhat brief time with the Watch left me feeling excited and hopeful. It’s clear that Apple thought through every aspect of the first new product released under Tim Cook; there are small, thoughtful features throughout (such as the ability to receive alerts on your Watch when outside of Bluetooth range when both your iPhone and Watch are on the same Wi-Fi network) that demonstrate this.如果你回答我,对苹果这款新品的感觉如何?应当说道,这次我与苹果手表的认识时间虽短,但我仍然实在很激动并充满著期望。作为库克时代公布的第一款确实意义上的新品,苹果似乎考虑到了这款产品的方方面面。比如它自始至终都跨越着一些十分体贴的小功能。

(比如如果你戴着手表远超过了iPhone的蓝牙距离,只要手表和iPhone还处在同一个Wi-Fi网络中,它依然可以接到警告信息。)Pebble and, to a lesser extent, Google’s Android Wear clearly laid the groundwork for the smart watch industry as we know it today. Apple’s offering is a big step toward its maturation, and the company is positioned to propel a budding category into another iPhone-like gold rush. Competitors know how high the bar has been set. Now, they just need to figure out how to compete.Pebble以及谷歌的Android Wear似乎为今天的智能手表行业奠下了基石,而苹果手表的上市则意味著智能手表产业向成熟期迈向了一大步。






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